Deepen your practice, gain confidence, and receive individual guidance tailored to you personally. A private session is an invaluable tool for any level of experience. Personal instruction allows for a more intimate view into your practice. You can begin a new practice, deepen your practice or spend time working with an injury or condition. Working one on one you can experience the benefits of Yoga in a safe, personal way. $90

Sound Healing:

At long last, science and western allopathic medicine are validating what Shamans have known for millennia. Sound healing is increasingly embraced as the oldest, most gentle and most profound method of healing there is. The unique, deeply relaxing benefits of the harmonic overtones, which include the rare state of Theda brainwave activity while still conscious, will decrease the effects of chronic mental, emotional and physical issues (including stress, insomnia, ability to concentrate, various immune system issues, emotional issues and many more) as well as initiation and/or heightened clarity in direct contact with spirit guides and angels. Re-define your lifes purpose, increase your ability to manifest and surrender to spontaneous past-life recall.
The soothing subtle energy of sound will travel around you and through you with relaxing healing waves that vibrate within the cells of your body remembering,releasing and renewing. Let this healing be the catalyst for your well being.

Instruments include:

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls
The Celestial Gong
The Flute
Tuning Forks
The Sacred Drum
Solfeggio Frequencies

~You will be adorned with healing crystals, essential oils, and Mystical Magick.


For private sessions please email or call Joy (954)614-1937

“Whenever you are feeling an extreme emotion, whether it be anger, hurt, despair, or even bliss, and you act on that feeling, there can be no clarity. The feelings are here to be felt. True action or inaction has to come from what lies beneath all feelings …….In the core of the matter, in the core of any emotion, however horrendous, there is peace.”