Go Softly Yoga

~ Gentle Yoga allows you to take your time to feel your body move. Breath and movement are the pathways to keep the organs and glands healthy and the joints lubricated. Find equilibrium and bliss in every pose. Strengthen and stretch, increasing flexibility and repair overworked muscles. In some poses you will sweat, in some poses you won’t, your mind and body will cleanse and release tension and toxins becoming light , happy and calm.
This class is for new and experienced Yogis.

Go Strong Yoga

~ In this class you will tighten, sculpt and strengthen, increasing mobility, flexibility and endurance. Reduce stress and find peace within the movement and postures without being overly aggressive with yourself. Tighten your stomach to strengthen your back , realign your posture for mobility and balance. You will use your own body weight, the breath and gravity to become strong and light.
This class is for new and experienced Yogis.

Refine And Grow

~ A class for the beginning Yogi to learn the basics and the seasoned Yogi looking to refine their practice. A foundational class that will include pranayama, use of props with a rotating focus each week. Step by step classes centered around one of the various components of a typical full spectrum practice, ranging from sun salutations, standing & seated poses like twists or forward bends to backbends, arm balances and inversions – options given for all levels to practice safely, and comfortably. This class will refine your understanding and awareness, and create a practice that will grow with integrity and intelligence!

Align And Flow

~ An invigorating and intelligently guided alignment based Vinyasa class for the experienced Yogi that will create space, focus, a little heat and a lot of depth. You will increase your overall strength, flexibility and coordination through the flow of breathe, movement and isolated holds. While modifications are offered, less instruction on fundamentals is shared. Come with a smile and a sankalpha to work and play!

Yin Hatha

~ This class is a beautiful blend of movement and stillness. You will be guided through a series of postures to create better circulation through the pathways and warmth in the muscles of the body. Then, you will experience longer holds of relaxing postures to progressively let go into deeper levels of your being.

Restorative Hatha

~ This class will lead you through a blend of moving postures before you get to relax with the assistance of bolsters, blankets, and blocks. Restorative Yoga is specifically designed to be supportive allowing the nervous system to be reset and restored.

Symphonic Gong Meditation

~ The Gong resonates harmonically with the vibrational frequencies of the cosmos . (the greek word kosmos implies harmony and order, to describe what we call today the Universe).Gongs have such a richness and depth of sound that they are thought to be capable of tuning and aligning the body on a cellular level.
This unique experience will be offered monthly on our open Fridays.

Pricing ~

(can be purchased at the studio or call Joy (954)614-1937)
(may not be shared or transferred)
(good for new students only)

Single Class $18

Class Packages
10 Classes $155
15 Classes $215
20 Classes $265
Monthly Unlimited – $165
Yearly Unlimited – $1296

All packages are good for one year 🙂

Unlimited packages may not be shared

Regular packages may be shared with family members

 *no refunds on classes and packages

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