Joy Michelle

Joy has been immersed in practicing and sharing Yoga for 25 years. The Om Joyful Yoga Sanctuary came to life 6 magical years ago, and it has been an amazing portal of healing for all who have walked through the doors. Joy incorporates many “styles” of Yoga into her eclectic classes, with emphasis on the maha bhutas (the great elements) Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, which contain the essence of life from the cosmic to the microcosmic, as well as the great eight directions in which we have the ability to move freely. Joy is a philosopher, a lover of wisdom, a student and teacher of comparative mythologies. We are all alive and animated inside a living field of intelligence that expresses itself through the elements. “We work to go in” , Joy reminds her students continuously everything is energy and we are each composed of energy. Through the practice of postures, breathing, mudras, mantras, we receive the ability to viscerally connect to our center, the womb, the depths of our being. This creates a ritualistic cleansing, a new found freedom of love and acceptance for thy self and others.

Joy is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher and is also certified from the Kundalini Research Institute. She has been facilitating 200 and 300 Teacher Trainings for 15 years, and hosts Spiritual retreats all over the world. With a Masters in Metaphysics and extensive studies in Quantum physics she has a thirst for knowledge and loves to share her findings with others. Her first love was Ashtanga, which has been the fundamental base of her teachings. As an open minded free thinker, a bit of a rebel, she inspires people to go beyond the confines of their limited beliefs, from a limited way of thinking, to an unlimited state of being. Holding that space for others has been a sacred gift in her lifes work. Be free, just be.

“A true teacher doesn’t try to teach, they allow what is inside to flow and inspire others into their own greatness”.
Let us be reminded, There is only Love.


Ifat Kent

Ifat (RYT 500) was drawn to the spirituality through yoga in Tel-Aviv, Israel when she discovered an Osho Center as a teenager. Five years later she moved to South Florida and started practicing in the Sivananda method. Ifat continued to practice through her pregnancies and as yoga began to transform her life, she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. She graduated the 200-hour training at the Aananda School of Yoga in February 2013 taught by Surendran Pandaran; a mentor that she still holds great respect for. Immediately following her 200-hour training, she started teaching prenatal classes.
In 2014, Ifat was looking to expand her knowledge and gain insight from other teachers. She took the 85-hour Prenatal Vinyasa training, Baby Om training for Mom & Baby Yoga and Kidding around yoga training for kids yoga. Drawing upon her passion to influence others to feel good and spread joy, she continued to deepen her practice with Joy Kochmer, and graduated the 300-hour training in July of 2016.
Through the combination of trainings, mentors and self- awareness, Ifat was empowered to create her own teaching style offering clear instruction with an emphasis on awareness to both the physical sensations and the thoughts that come up while practicing. Her classes are ideal for both new and seasoned students (men and women), students with physical restrictions, and pregnancy and post pregnancy women. Her classes are fun and energetic with an eclectic flow. Ifat gently challenges her students to practice with an open heart, mind, and body, empowering them to listen from within and honor their own truth. Her intention is simply to spread joy and happiness from the mat to the universe using yoga as a connection.

Lydia Lozano

Lydia (RYT 500) began her exploration with yoga over seven years ago and completed her (RYT 200) teacher training in November 2013 as well as her (RYT 500) advanced teacher training in July 2016, both at the Om Joyful School of Yoga. She fell in love with yoga upon taking her first class and instantly developed a “sincere” relationship with the practice incorporating it into everyday life. Lydia’s practice is informed by the idea that yoga is not just what we do on our mats, but the way we live our lives. She believes that we are all life-long students and continues to pursue education in yoga and the healing arts. This ongoing process of learning is what provides the fresh insights that inspire her teaching. Healthy breathing, alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in her classes. Lydia’s teaching style is intuitive and nourishes the hidden strengths of her students while at the same time challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. In her classes, she uses a mixture of yoga psychology, styles, and breath work, allowing students to find Peace, Love, and Compassion as they grow both on and off the mat with the ultimate goal of living life to their fullest potential.


Sharikay Sloboda

Sharikay Sloboda E-RYT 500, RCYT, YACEP Sharikay spent her youth in sunny South Florida and the first part of adult life working in the worlds of fine art and marketing. The corporate city life and polished pavements of Chicago, New York and London turned into more than a decade of life traveling dusty African roads, beaches of Central America and ancient alley ways of Asia. The end result…a radical shift in life’s focus and future. Amidst this shift, a new found committed connection to yoga was made, that has stayed in the forefront of life.

With an unquenchable enthusiasm for learning and life, Sharikay has learned much from her dedicated students and talented teachers from around the globe in many disciplines – including Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Budokon, Acro, Ayurveda, Vinyasa, Partner, Pre-Natal, Yin and Children’s Yoga. The journey spans from South Florida to Singapore, from Nicaragua to Hong Kong, Costa Rica to Jakarta and from Bali to Bangkok – her most recent home base.

A Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, RCYT and CEP, Sharikay is a ‘big kid’ at heart who holds space for her students (no matter the age!) to practice with integrity, intelligence and authentic inquiry helping them discover their own inspiration, courage and clarity. She has been teaching adults at Yoga Elements Studio in Bangkok and is Director of Incy Wincy Yoga Thailand, managing & training a talented team of teachers, and creating & supervising kids and teen yoga programs at Bi-lingual & International schools. Sharikay is forever grateful and inspired by the knowledge of her teachers, the creativity of her students and the kindness of her ‘kula’!

Jiwan Kaur

A great lover of music and movement, Jiwan expresses her divine inspiration:

“I love sharing this sacred science of Kundalini Yoga and witnessing the power of transformation and awareness. The ancient mantras we use vibrate their wisdom through me and are the sound current of my life.” – Jiwan Kaur

Jiwan E-RYT 500 certified is a renowned Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Coach, Minister and Birthing Coach. She has been teaching the sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, for over 14 years. She has offered hundreds of classes, workshops and retreats and is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Jiwan has presented at various events and Wellness Facilities including Yoga Fest, The Zen Cruise, Earthdance Festival, Omechaye Wellness Center and the Standard Spa in Miami.

Jiwan offers private instruction, group classes, workshops, and retreats both domestically and internationally. Classes include, Adult Kundalini Yoga classes, Gong healing meditations, Conscious Communication and Sound Mantra workshops , pre-natal yoga, pre-natal couples workshops, post-natal care for parents and infants, infant massage, and children’s yoga. She is known in South Florida for her sacred gatherings on the beach : full moon mediations, yoga on the beach, and Sadhana. Jiwan also leads baby blessings, officiates spiritual weddings and home blessings, bringing her wisdom, grace and peaceful presence to each unique ceremony. Jiwan’s skills as a teacher allow her to effectively reach a wide range of students and it is not uncommon for Jiwan to also lead Kundalini classes for the football team at a South Florida high school.

Jiwan holds both a Level 1 and Level 2 Certification with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA). Jiwan is a lead teacher trainer for Conscious Pre-Natal Kundalini yoga and a level 1 Avatar Gong Master. Jiwan devotes her life to enhancing the continued expression of love and wisdom in all. Her unbounded enthusiasm is encouraging and nurturing to all those who attend her classes and workshops and retreats. jiwanyoga.com

Cindy Andrews Buchanan

Cindy graduated from the Joyful School of Yoga 200 hr. teacher training program in August of 2016. Through this all inclusive training she was introduced to the extensive and rewarding benefits of the Restorative Yoga practice. She then went on to study Restorative Yoga under the direction of Joy and graduated from The Restorative Yoga Training program in February of 2017. Since then, Cindy has taught gentle Hatha and Restorative Yoga through private sessions, within Montessori schools, and at local dance and yoga studios. She is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to share the practice within the same walls that nurtured her along this life altering path, with all of the other glorious souls that attend the Om Joyful studio.

Cindy’s prior life experience included graduating as a dance major from the Boston Conservatory followed by many years as a performer and a dance teacher. She uses this prior knowledge of body mechanics and movement to constantly inform her yoga practice. She is also a wife and the mother to two amazing boys that keep her inner child alive and allow for her heart’s fullest expression.

Constantly grateful and always learning, she is on the journey of a lifetime, to the state of bliss that is the soul.

“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines within our heart.”
~ Chandogya Upanishad