“Expand your Consciousness and Facilitate Your Spiritual Evolution”


The Joyful School of Yoga

300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training
Soul Centered Program

2018 Dates
March 10,11
April 7,8
May 19,20
June 23,24
July 14,15
August 18,19
September 15,16
October 13,14
November 10,11
December 8,9

*You are required to participate in at least two scheduled classes per week with Joy, ALL CLASSES ARE INCLUDED FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR TRAINING

Topics covered in this training:
*Yoga as a Mystical Dialogue, Sacred Storytelling of the Vedas, Gita, Sutras, Upanishads and the Dieties
*The Eight Limbed Path of Yoga
*Sanskrit, the Sacred Language
*The Primal Power of Pranayama
*The Four Aspects of Pranayama and the Pranic Body
*Holistic Anatomy/Advanced Studies of the Human Body
*The Hidden Meanings of Hatha Yoga
*The Deeper Meaning of Asana
*Sacred Geometry of Yoga Postures
*Working with Injuries
*Use of Props/Modifications
*Healing / Therapeutic Adjustments
*Creative Sequencing
*Thai Bodywork and Partner Yoga
*Restorative Yoga
*Investigating Yin/Yang Yoga and Meridians
*Advanced Arm Balances
*Seeing and Reading Bodies
*Five Groups of Yoga Mudras
*The Four Bandhas and Granthis
*Kundalini Kriya/Tantric Teachings
*A Mystical Evolution Through the Chakras
*Yoga Nidra/61 Marma Point Meditation
*Practice Teaching with Feedback
*Tools for Authentic Teaching
*Chanting Sacred Prayers/Mantras
*Learn to play the Gong, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, and Drumming
*Shamanic Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Directions, Elements and Earth Medicine
*Learn to work with Crystals and Create a Crystal Grid
*The Sacred Geometry of Yantras and Mandalas and the Relation to the Micro and Macrocosm.
*Experience Yoga from a Scientific, Metaphysical View, Create the ordinary to become Extraordinary.
*There will be Several Homework Assignments and an Open Book Final Exam
*You will be required to create a Seva project, and submit a 500 word essay on your experience.
Seva is selfless service, work performed without any thought of reward or payment. Helping ones spiritual growth and at the same time, contributing to the improvement of the community. Seva is the art of blessed action.
*You will also be required to read the Bhagavad Gita and submit a 500 word essay on how your personal life reflects the timeless wisdom of the tale.

*There is no pass or fail in this course, we are here to share, learn, become more dimensional and have fun.

Weekly Classes with Joy may include your participation in , observing, assisting, adjusting, and subbing.

Tuition is $3500
$500 Deposit to hold your space
Payment plans available with no fees

You are responsible for the following books:
The Bhagavad Gita By Stephen Mitchell
Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry By Rama Jyoti Vernon
Asana Pranayama Mudra Bundha By Swami Satyananda Saraswati
The Subtle Body By Cyndi Dale
Yoga and Kriya: A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques By Swami Satyananda Saraswati

If you have any questions please call Joy (954)434-6565
We look forward for the opportunity to share this amazing adventure with you!
In Spirit,