om_joyful_yoga_home_516Om Joyful Yoga is a unique space to practice Yoga, Meditation, and many other healing modalities. This healing sanctuary was created with a vision for the community to have a safe, non-competitive, peaceful environment to detach from life’s stresses. The community has embraced Om Joyful as home away from home. Here is your safe place to step away from all your demands and commitments and re-connect with yourself.

Yoga is the most comprehensive system of wellness known to man. It encompasses the trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit.

We live in a fast paced society where we are rushing from one place to the next without recognizing where we are going. We are missing out on what is happening in the moment, all the beauty that surrounds us, the beauty in ourselves and each other. Yoga creates the Unity you are seeking inside and out.

Our loft style, open window, fresh air room will keep your body at the perfect temperature to create just as much agni (inner fire) as you need to release toxins and impurities from your body and mind.

Our instructors are dedicated to share all the wisdom and knowledge they have learned from their teachers. We are devoted to help each individual have a fun and safe experience. Each Om Joyful teacher has life experience and numerous amounts of trainings, staying current with their own practices.

Once you step through the doors and on to your mat, the magic begins. Kick off your shoes, turn your cell phone off, and give yourself the greatest gift, Y.O.U!

“Free your mind and body from stress and confusion and restore it to simplicity and peace”.



5900 Hiatus Road Suite 200
Cooper City Florida 33330
(954) 614-1937

We are located on the North East corner of Hiatus and Stirling Road

Progress in Yoga is not necessarily characterized by daily mind-bending revelations. Instead the path is marked by small but significant changes in how we act and react. There is one infallible sign of growth: we will be more peaceful and happy. Maybe not everyday in every way, but if our happiness were marked on a chart, the trend over a period of time would definitely be upward .